Why do you exist?
Why does your site have ads?
How do I submit an event?


Why do you exist?

This is not a section for philosophical explorations of existential import, sorry to disappoint. Rather, we want to tell you why we created a site dedicated to only literary events in Vancouver.

We like to read, and we like to hear people read, and we like events about reading to be successful. Unfortunately, we often heard about cool-sounding events after they'd happened. It was very annoying! Writers are like that, typically: they can book a room and stand on stage and read a poem without spilling their wine, but they're terrible promoters. No, really. Just own it. We can't all be polymaths. It's okay.

So, in an effort to avoid missing good events, we started actively searching for local literary events, and kept track of them by adding them to our personal Google calendars. After a while, we wanted to share them with some of our like-minded friends, so we published our Google calendars to a private website. Then, we thought, why not just make it public? And here we are.

So, like, go hear someone read a poem, eh? It might change your life.


Why do you have ads?

This is not a for profit enterprise, just a labour of reader-love. (If you know how to make money from a regionally-limited website that lists poetry readings, we're all ears). In a largely unsuccessful effort to recoup a small portion of the cost of hosting the site, we place one Google display ad on the home page, and one on each individual event listing, in the sidebars so that they don't hog up space in the main content. We hope you don't mind. We try to configure it so that offensive ads are filtered out.


Can I submit an event?

Yes, it's relatively easy! See the Submit an Event page for details.